Nail Tidy

Nail Tidy - Cuticles, shape, buff, moisturise, no hand soak, no paint, no massageR70.00
Sassy Nail Paint - Paint / Polish, cuticles, shape, buff, moisturiseR85.00

Manicure – Standard

Express Mani Hand soak, cuticles, shape, buff, moisturise, no exfoliate, no massageR130.00
Classic Mani Full Mani, including exfoliate, hand massage, no paintR155.00

Manicure + Overlay

Express Paint Mani (Hand Soak, Excl Exfoliate & hand massage)R160.00
Express Gel Mani (Hand Soak, Excl Exfoliate & hand massage)R285.00
Classic Paint Mani (Hand Soak, Incl. Exfoliate & hand massage)R185.00
Classic Gel ManiR325.00
Classic Gel (Acrylic) ManiR395.00
Classic Bio Sculpture (Natural) ManiR415.00
Classic Bio Sculpture (Colour) ManiR445.00
Classic Acrylic ManiR355.00
Classic PolyGel (Natural) ManiR460.00
Classic PolyGel (Colour) ManiR500.00
Classic Rubber Base (Natural) ManiR400.00
Classic Rubber Base (Colour) Mani R385.00

Manicure + Pamper Treatment

Paraffin Mani - Exfoliate, hand massage, no paintR220.00
Rejuvinating Mani (Ultrasonic, LED Photon Light & Argan Oil)R255.00

Affordable for your Hands

Add-on: Hand Exfoliation - with productR50.00
Add-on: Hand Paraffin DipR70.00
Add-on: Argan Oil Hand MaskR75.00
Add-on: Medi Hand TreatmentR85.00
Add-on: Chocolate (Ani-Oxidant) Hand TreatmentR75.00
Add-on: Hot stones for Hand TreatmentR70.00
Add-on: Dermasonic Red LED Photon Hand Rejuvenation TherapyR35.00
Stick on Nails (Full Set, excludes the tips, service only)R25.00