Tape-In Hair Extensions

The best type of hair to receive extensions for a more natural result with less quantity of pieces is shredded at the tips, this being mainly caused by chemical damage. Below are some examples of what we are talking about and the respective results after the tape in extensions go in:

This type of hair provides a better fit for the extension, as they mix up very easily. As the goal is to keep more or less the same size just filling the tips, in the cases above it was necessary to use only 10 to 20 pieces.



When you have sparse hair, shredded at the tips and want to add a certain length, without giving much volume, 20 pieces will be enough. See the examples below:



If your hair is sparse, shredded at the ends and you want both length and volume, without thin ends, you will need 30 to 40 pieces:




If your hair is cut styled like the examples below, you will need at least 40 pieces. And to disguise the straight cut and not give that “step stair” effect, the ideal is to use wavy ends. Here are two examples:



Now, if you have a good amount of hair and want hair with volume, you will have to use 40 to 60 pieces