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Pamper Hannon Facial - Tailored to Skintype Hannon products for Cleanse, Toner, Exfoliate, Mask, Serum, MoisturiserR295.00
Acne Facial Cleanser, Blemish Gel, Mask (Alga / Amazon / Chocolate / Silk / DeStress Cooling) , Eye Cream, Spritzer, Leave on Mask (Hydro/Stem Cell/Vitamin/Wrinkle), moisturiserR325.00
Deep Cleansing / Decongest - 3 Mask Facial 3 Masks Facial; Cleanser, Papaya Enzyme Mask, Blemish Gel, Body Butter, Silk/Alga Mask, Eye Cream, Leave on Mask (Hydro/Stem Cell/Vitamin/Wrinkle), moisturiserR395.00
Pigmentation / Blemish Facial (Cleanser, AHA Deep Peel or Papaya Enzyme Mask, Skin Surface Rejuvenator, Neutraliser Wash, Pigmentation (StemCell Serum & Anti-Dark Spot Serum), Rebalancing MoisturiserR395.00
Brightening - Vitamin Facial Cleanser, Mask (DeStress Cooling) , Eye Cream, Spritzer, Leave on Mask (Vitamin), moisturiserR375.00
Anti-Oxidant / Detox - Chocolate Facial Cleanser, Papaya Enzyme or Aloe Vera DeStress Cooling Mask, Blemish Gel, Body Butter, Chocolate Mask, MoisturiserR335.00
Facial Peel (Mild) - Aesthet Enzymatic Keratopeel Non acid mild facial peel. Cleanser, Facial Peel, MoisturiserR255.00
Facial Peel - Aesthet / Hannon Cleanser, Toner, XPert Peel, Neutraliser, MoisturiserR495.00
Rejuvinating Facial - Young Skin Cleanser, Blemish Gel, Mask (Alga), Eye Cream, Spritzer, Leave on Mask (Stem Cell/Vitamin/Wrinkle), moisturiserR355.00
Anti-ageing Facial - Hydrating / Wrinkle Relax Cleanser, Blemish Gel, AHA Deep Peel or Papaya Enzyme Mask, Body Butter, Silk Mask, DNA Epinew (Hydrolift Serum, Spritzer, Eye Cream, Wrinkle Relaxant & EPINEW Day CreamR445.00
Black Mask Facial (Cleanser, Steam, Black Mask, Eye Cream, Spritzer, Leave on Mask, moist)R365.00

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Add on: Iontophoresis Facial - BT-Micro Ultrasonic exfoliation & micro-current enhanced product penetration
Add on: HydroFacial - BT-Trinity An improved wet MicroDermabrasion facial. Exfoliation & Hydration. Plumps skin and reduces fine lines. Fades acne scars.R80.00
Add on: Ultrasonic Facial - Probes Ultrasonic probes. Reduces rosacea and ideal for sensitive, sun-damaged, ageing, and acne-prone skin. Promotes Collagen Induction.R90.00
Add on: RF Facial - Probes RF 3 pole and 4 pole probes. Toning, slimming & contouring. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Consider adding MesoTherapy.R95.00
Add on: Facelift - Non-Surgical - BT-Nano Sculpts, lifts and firms the muscle of the face and neck.R125.00
Add on: LED Photon Light Therapy - Mask Energises skin. Calming, Soothing, Healing, Rejuvinating.- 10minR45.00
Add on: 4-in-1 Dermasonic Facial LED Photon Light Therapy, ultrasonic, micro-current & auto massageR60.00
Add on: Massage to facial treatment Face, neck & shoulders massage 20 minR130.00

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Facial / Face Mask

Collagen Eye Patch SetR95.00
Paraffin Facial MasqueR75.00