More Treatment Information

Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Provides deeper product penetration
  • Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz”
  • Works on all skin types
  • Manual skin exfoliation
  • Instant results and no downtime

Dermaplaning is usually performed every three to four weeks.  It is good to have the skin complete its normal rejuvenation cycle, which is thirty days, before going back and having the treatment done.  The procedure generally will remove between two to three weeks of dead skin from the facial area.

People who suffer from active acne should not have dermaplaning performed. 

Red Photon Light Therapy

  • Anti ageing: increases collagen production.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Repairs damaged skin and reduces post treatment healing time.