At Sassy Style we protect the relationship with our clients as well as the wellbeing of our business.  Our therapists have signed a Confidentiality and Restraint of Trade Agreement.

Please refer to Case NO:77243/2015 that can be used as Case Law in any court proceeding relating to a Restraint of Trade Agreement between a beauty salon and its employees.

Our comments on the impact of not protecting your business.

We would like to state that protecting the interest of a salon is essential.

 The salon provides employment to many therapists, hair stylists and other supporting employees. Their families are dependant on the income provided by the employer.

If one or more employees contravene their restraint of trade and provide competing services in the same geographical area, in our case 15km, then this will lead to loss of income for all at the salon.

This is especially true when the ex-employees have access to your customer database and they use it to entice other customers of yours to purchase services/treatments from them.

They effectively steal income from your other employees and their malicious actions could lead to retrenchments and closing of your doors.

It is our privilege to share this with the industry and we hope that all businesses will adopt something similar to this. 


  1. During the period of employment and subsequent thereto you shall not disclose directly or indirectly to any person any trade secret or confidential information which you may receive or obtain in relation to THE EMPLOYER’S affairs or THE EMPLOYER’S customers or any marketing technique which is carried on or used by THE EMPLOYER.
  2. You undertake to take all reasonable steps and precautions to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information through or by any other party.
  3. You undertake not to use or apply, whether directly or indirectly, in whole or in part confidential information without the prior written consent of THE EMPLOYER other than in the course of your employment with of or for the purpose of THE EMPLOYER.
  4. You undertake, during the currency of this agreement or at any time after the termination thereof, whether for your benefit or that of another, not to make use of, avail yourself or derive any benefit or profit from such confidential information.
  5. If you are uncertain as to whether any information is confidential or is a trade secret, you shall in writing request a ruling from THE EMPLOYER. You undertake to abide by any ruling made in good faith by THE EMPLOYER.

Restraint of Trade

  1. After termination of his employment the employee shall at no time represent himself as being in any way connected with or interested in the business of the company unless such connection or interest has in fact been deliberately brought into existence between THE EMPLOYER and the employee.
  2. For a period of twenty-four (24) months after termination of your employment with THE EMPLOYER for any reason, you may not be employed by, contracted to, associated with, engaged in or have any business or financial interest in any SALON or organization whose activities compete directly or indirectly with those of THE EMPLOYER and which is situated within a 15-kilometer radius of THE EMPLOYER’S premises.
  3. You agree not to contact any Sassy Style customers directly or indirectly for any reason. You specifically agree not to contact any Sassy Style customer in order to influence them to change from Sassy Style to any other salon, directly or indirectly associated with yourself.
  4. You agree to pay all legal fees associated with seeking a remedy should you violate any of the Confidentiality or Restraint of Trade stipulations of this contract.