Toe Tidy

Toe Tidy Cuticles, shape, buff, moisturise, no soak, no paint, no massageR75.00
Sassy Toe Paint Paint / Polish, cuticles, shape, buff, moisturiseR90.00

Pedicure – Standard

Express Pedi - Foot soak, cuticles, shape, buff, moisturise, no paint, no exfoliate, no massageR145.00
Classic Pedi Full Pedi, including exfoliate, foot massage, no paintR195.00

Pedicure + Overlay

Express Paint PediR175.00
Express Gel PediR265.00
Sassy Classic Paint Pedi - Exfoliate, foot massage and paintR230.00
Sassy Classic Gel PediR350.00
Sassy Classic Gel (Acrylic) PediR440.00
Sassy Classic Bio Sculpture (Natural) PediR460.00
Sassy Classic Bio Sculpture (Colour) PediR490.00
Sassy Classic Acrylic PediR400.00
Sassy Classic Rubber Base (Natural) PediR445.00
Sassy Classic Rubber Base (Colour) PediR475.00

Pedicure + Medi / Pamper

MediPedi - Humankind, no paintR295.00
MediPedi & Paint - Humankind with paintR325.00
MediPedi Gel/Gelish - Humankind with Gel/GelishR365.00
Chocolate Pedi Exfoliate, foot massage, chocolate mask, no paintR250.00
Chocolate Pedi & Paint Exfoliate, foot massage, chocolate mask and paintR280.00
Chocolate Pedi & Gel / Gelish Exfoliate, foot massage, chocolate mask and Gel/GelishR320.00
Hot Stone Pedi Exfoliate, foot massage, hot stones, no paintR250.00
Hot Stone Pedi & Paint Exfoliate, foot massage, hot stones and paintR280.00
Hot Stone Pedi & Gel / Gelish Exfoliate, foot massage, hot stones and Gel/GelishR320.00
MediHeel- Humankind, no paint, no pedi, no nailsR195.00

Affordable for your Feet

Add-on: Foot Exfoliation - with productR55.00
Add-on: Foot Paraffin DipR80.00
Add-on: Argan Oil FootMaskR85.00
Add-on: Medi / Peel Foot TreatmentR95.00
Add-on: Chocolate (Ani-Oxidant) Foot TreatmentR75.00
Add-on: Hot stones for Foot TreatmentR50.00