Soak Off / Buff Off

Soak Off - GelR70.00
Soak Off - Acrylic / Bio SculptureR75.00
Soak / Buff Off - Complex ArtR95.00
Buff Off - Polygel / Rubber BaseR95.00

Soak Off & Tidy

Soak Off + Nail Tidy - shape & buff onlyR110.00
Soak Off + Nail Tidy & Paint - no hand soak, no massageR140.00
Soak Off + Toe Tidy - shape & buff onlyR120.00
Soak Off + Toe Tidy & Paint - no foot soak, no massageR150.00

Gelish / Gel

Just Gel Overlay on NailsR250.00
Gel (Acrylic) Overlay on NailsR320.00
Gel (Acrylic) TipsR350.00
Just Gel Overlay on ToesR195.00
Gel (Acrylic) Overlay on ToesR265.00
Gel (Acrylic) Same Colour FillR225.00
Gel (Acrylic) New Colour FillR250.00


PolyGel (Natural) Overlay on NailsR385.00
PolyGel (Colour) Overlay on NailsR425.00
PolyGel (Natural) TipsR435.00
PolyGel (Colour) TipsR475.00
PolyGel (Natural) Overlay on ToesR330.00
PolyGel (Colour) Overlay on ToesR370.00
Polygel (Natural) FillR270.00
Polygel (Same Colour) FillR300.00
Polygel (New Colour) FillR340.00


Acrylic Overlay on NailsR280.00
Acrylic TipsR330.00
Acrylic Overlay on ToesR230.00
Acrylic Fill (Same Colour)R195.00
Acrylic Fill (New Colour)R225.00


Bio Sculpture (Natural) Overlay on NailsR340.00
Bio Sculpture (Colour) Overlay on NailsR370.00
Bio Sculpture (Natural) TipsR390.00
Bio Sculpture (Colour) TipsR420.00
Bio Sculpture (Natural) Overlay on ToesR285.00
Bio Sculpture (Colour) Overlay on ToesR315.00
Bio Sculpture (Natural) FillR220.00
Bio Sculpture (Same Colour) FillR240.00
Bio Sculpture (New Colour) FillR280.00


Rubber Base (Natural) Overlay on NailsR325.00
Rubber Base (Colour) Overlay on NailsR355.00
Rubber Base (Natural) TipsR370.00
Rubber Base (Colour) TipsR400.00
Rubber Base (Natural) Overlay on ToesR270.00
Rubber Base (Colour) Overlay on ToesR300.00
Rubber Base(Natural) FillR230.00
Rubber Base (Same Colour) FillR250.00
Rubber Base (New Colour) FillR285.00
Rubber Base Add-on to other productsR45.00

Shape Add-ons

Add-on: Stilettos / Coffin / Almond shapeR110.00
Add-on: Sculptured Nail ExtensionsR120.00

Creative Effects for Nails

Add-on: French LookR40.00
Add-on: Ombre (Gel)R40.00
Add-on: Ombre (Acrylic)R80.00
Add-on: Mirror / Chrome / Glow in the DarkR100.00

Creative Effects for Toes

Add-on: French LookR35.00
Add-on: Ombre (Gel)R35.00
Add-on: Ombre (Acrylic)R75.00
Add-on: Mirror / Chrome / Glow in the DarkR95.00

Nail Art – Per Nail

Nail Art StickerR10.00
Glitter (Solid or Blended)R10.00
Jewels / GemsR10.00
Dots & Stripes Nail ArtR10.00
Basic Nail Art (Stamps, Stencils, Mosaic, Flowers, Vines)R15.00
Advanced Nail Art (Marbling, Foil, Bubbles, Spiralling)R30.00
3D Nail Art (Moulded Designs, 3D Flower, Unicorn, etc.)R45.00
Michaelangelo Nail Art - (Blossoms, Cartoons, Figurines, Faces, Animals)R50.00

Maintenance / Repairs / Treatments

Nail or Tip Repair with Gel / GelishR30.00
New Tip Repair with Acrylic, Bio, Evo, PolyGelR45.00
Sculptured Nail Repair / New - per NailR60.00
Buff & re-glaze - Existing Set of Tips / Nails - no colourR145.00
Buff & re-glaze - One Nail / Tip - no colourR25.00
Vitagel Recovery - Single TreatmentR95.00