Aromatherapy Massage

Detoxifying Oils - Back MassageR295.00
Energising Aromatherapy Oils - Back MassageR295.00
Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oils - Back MassageR295.00
Aromatherapy Massage - Full BodyR395.00

Swedish Massage

Back & Neck - Swedish MassageR155.00
Back Neck & Shoulders - Swedish MassageR245.00
Back Neck & Shoulders with back scrub- Swedish MassageR295.00
Full Body - Swedish MassageR345.00
Full Body, head and face - Swedish MassageR445.00
Full Body - Swedish Massage & full body exfoliationR495.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders / Target areas - Deep Tissue MassageR355.00
Full Body - Deep Tissue MassageR490.00

Bamboo Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders - Bamboo MassageR285.00
Full Body - Bamboo MassageR395.00

Candle Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders - Candle MassageR285.00
Full Body - Candle MassageR395.00

Hot Stone Massage

Back and Neck - Hot Stone MassageR205.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders - Hot Stone MassageR295.00
Full Body - Hot Stone MassageR395.00

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders - Calabash MassageR285.00
Full Body - Calabash MassageR395.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage - 30 minR145.00
Indian Head Massage - 45 minR250.00

Foot & Hand Massage

Half Leg & Foot MassageR125.00
Full Foot (Exfoliating & Relaxing Massage)R165.00
Full Hand (Exfoliating & Relaxing Massage)R145.00

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Foot Massage, - 30 minR235.00
Reflexology Foot Massage, - 60 minR425.00

Specialised Massage Treatments

Sports MassageR490.00
Mommy To Be Massage Massage (Vascu Flow for stretchmarks and circulation plus Tramino for bone development)R365.00
Anti-cellulite cupping massage & detox mask (buttocks & thighs) Exfoliate, Cupping with LT anti-cellulite oil, Detox Mask)R245.00

Body Wraps

Slimming Body Wrap Back, Tummy or Target area, including gentle exfoliating washR215.00
Back Exfoliation An add-on to any massage or body wrap.R135.00
Full Body Exfoliation An add-on to any massage or body wrap.R245.00