1 – Nautilus PPE Half Face Mask (Washable, Reusable) – Construction / Manufacturing / Industrial / Diver Type

Excellent as a construction dust mask or in an industrial / manufacturing area.

The SOLA Nautilus is a high-quality, re-usable Face Mask designed for the Public / Civilian as an alternative to poor-fitting, disposable surgical masks or makeshift items such as scarves, buffs and homemade fabric filters.

3 points of protection;

  • Excellent face seal prevents inhalation/exhalation of unfiltered air.

  • Moisture droplet separator – Centrifugal Particle Separator technology helps prevent moisture droplets from passing into wearer’s respiratory tract.

  • Textile filter – secondary process of filtration through common household Cotton Pads which can be replaced on a daily basis or Non-woven for additional protection.