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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure of manually depositing colour pigment beneath the first layer of the skin (the epidermis), using a sterile hand tool called a microblade.

Very fine individual hair strokes are created within your natural brow to resemble your own natural eyebrow hairs making the eyebrows look fuller and more defined, but still natural.

Microblading is also great for someone who has very little to no brow hair due to conditions such as alopecia, or as a result of chemotherapy, or any other condition that causes hair loss

Combo Brows (Blade & Shade) PMU

The best of both techniques!

Powdered brows and hair strokes / microblading combined together to achieve beautifully natural yet defined brows.

The beginning of the brows and toward the middle is feathered with hair strokes which then transitions into a powdered effect to the tails of the brow which achieves perfect definition.

Hair strokes are also added around the outer line of the arch to soften the powdered tails. This technique can last 12 to 18 months depending on various factors which include but are not limited to skin type, and aftercare.

Lip Liner / Full Lips or Aquarelle Lips

The traditional lip liner and shaded lips are one of the standard techniques provided in our salon.

The Aquarelle Lips technique was created in Europe and is a modern form of tattooing colour on to your lips that is sheer, and nothing like the “lipstick” look of past years. Think of it as your lip colour, but subtly enhanced. Your lips will have a fresh, healthier appearance.

This technique involves creating a very soft and subtle outline of your lips with a lip colour that best suits your skin colouring and desired look. This soft line is then blended and shaded when filling in your lips with the pigment.

By doing this, we are avoiding the “lined lip” look, and therefore creating the illusion of fuller, natural looking lips.

Think of it as a lip blush that stays on and will keep you looking your best no matter what the occasion is!

Shading / Powder Brows

Shading provides your eyebrows with a gorgeous delicate background for your natural brows.

This advanced technique provides your eyebrows with definition, density and a magnificent, soft finish. This technique is either done manually, with a micropigmentation pen, or a combination of both.

Ombre Powder / Shaded Brows

Ombré Powder Brows are a type of permanent make-up that gives the look of a softly powdered brow.

The beginning of the brow is lighter and then gradually becomes darker throughout the tail giving it that beautiful Ombré affect!

It can last 12 to 18 months, depending on various factors which include but are not limited to skin type, and aftercare.

Permanent Eyeliner

It is a lash enhancement that improves the lashes by providing a line for emphasis (top, bottom or both) that creates a more fuller look to the lashes.

Hair Stroke Micropigmentation Brows

Hair Strokes are an alternative when you’re not a candidate for microblading.

These strokes will last 12 to 18 months with proper aftercare. This procedure involves creating tiny super fine hair strokes that carefully implant pigment into the skin using a nano needle following the direction of your natural hair growth.  This is micropigmentation.

This technique is used to fill in sparse brows, or a total brow reconstruction to create a very natural look.