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What exactly is Mycrotechnology?

Mycrotechnology is the branch of technology which deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 micro-meters and especially focuses on the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules. Therefore, by using this form of technology, we are able to create molecules of keratin so small within our product, that they are able to penetrate each strand of hair, repairing it from the inside out. Now while there are many products on the market today which contain keratin and various vitamins promising to enrich your hair today, the molecules within them are too large to actually do anything more than sit on top of your hair and wash off when the hair is rinsed.

We at Mycro Keratin understand that the world of hair care is ever changing and it is therefore why we are always willing to develop newer, better, more efficient technology within our products. Our products were designed to penetrate the hair, providing nourishment within each strand, fill each fracture which may have developed in the strand and furthermore surround each strand with a protective keratin barrier. Used correctly, this product can improve not only the appearance of your hair, but also its actual health.